About Us

Tony Wilmington

Chemical Distribution Solutions LLC offers unique solutions to our partners in the sales, marketing, and chemical logistics across North America. Not only do we wish to provide you with excellent quality chemical products, but also hope to improve the bottom line of your business along the way.

CDS is a veteran minority-owned corporation that strives to demonstrate our ambitious efforts and reliability to simplify your daily operations. Anthony Wilmington is owner and President at CDS and has been in the Arkansas Army National Guard for 18 years, serving several tours. His focus remains on developing win/win solutions for his clients and partnering with customers to add value through solutions that grow the client’s business.



Minority Owned Trucking CompanyChemical Distribution Solutions is a member of the Arkansas Minority Supplier Development Council. As a minority-owned chemical distribution and logistics company, we proudly support initiatives and economic growth of minority-owned businesses.


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